• Charles Symington (left) and Bruno Prats (right), wine makers

  • Cask end at Quinta de Roriz

  • Recently trodden grapes

  • Homogenization plate

  • New winery - table wines

  • Luis Coelho, oenologist and viticulturist

  • Cask cellar at Quinta de Roriz

  • Cask room at Quinta de Roriz


 CHRYSEIA  and its partne r wines POST SCRIPTUM and PRA ZO DE RORIZ are now produced at the dedicated dry red winery fa cility at Quinta de Roriz. After a careful bunch selection, de-stemming and crushing, the must is transferred to small stainless steel vats (equipped with temperature control) where fermentation takes place. Tannins are extracted by pumping over and prolonged maceration after fermentation. The main concern is to respect the essential characteristics of the grapes whilst also obtaining a balance with finesse which is light and favours the elegant, silky tannins. Although the winemaking process is managed on site by Luis Coelho under the supervision of Pedro Correia, Charles Symington and Bruno Prats are personally involved in producing the final blends and during all the vital stages of production, from vinification to ageing.

Ageing takes place in the Roriz cellars in oak barrels sourced annually from a series of French coopers including Taransaud, François Fréres, TSO e Boutes. To prevent an excess of woody flavours which could compromise the aromatic finesse of the wine, CHRYSEIA is only allowed to age in new oak barrels for a short period of time – 8 to 12 months – according to the year in question. Larger 400-litre barrels are used to reduce the surface area/volume ratio. POST SCRIPTUM and PRAZO DE RORIZ typically use a lesser proportion of new oak, with the latter being matured mainly in second year barrels. Bottling takes place at Vila Nova de Gaia in a modern bottling centre owned by the Symington family.

A small amount of extremely high quality Vintage Port is made at Quinta de Roriz each year in the traditional granite foot treading tanks known as lagares. In exceptional years such as the 2007, PRATS & SYMINGTON will bottle and release a very limited quantity of Vintage Port under the QUINTA DE RORIZ VINTAGE PORT label.

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